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Clinical Trial Results: The Eterno Device

At Eterno we rely on facts —not marketing hype— when it comes to promoting the efficacy of Eterno products. That’s why we conducted independent clinical studies.

In an 8-week Independent Clinical Study at Princeton from 11/02/18-01/04/19, we assessed the safety and efficacy of the Eterno Device on healthy men and women with wrinkles and crow’s feet.

In this 90 subject randomized, comparative evaluation of the Eterno Device alone and with two marketed creams, this is what we learned:


Of subjects noticed a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.


Found that their skin was tighter and firmer.


Observed greater smoothness in their complexion.


Achieved healthy, younger skin.


Of subjects agreed that they would use the Eterno Device over any other device on the market.

Summary of Results:

The Eterno Device demonstrated a statistically significant improvement of skin’s firmness and a decrease in wrinkles, fine lines at the 8 week evaluation intervals.

Appearance of Wrinkles:


After using the Eterno Device for 8-weeks, the appearance of wrinkles on subjects decreased by 16%.

Skin Elasticity + Firmness:


After using the Eterno Device for 8-weeks, subjects had an increase in skin elasticity in and firmness by 18%.

After 8-weeks there was an increase of elasticity and firmness of 39%.


Fine lines:


When study participants used a cream with the Eterno Device the noticed a decrease in fine lines by 39% after 8-weeks.

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