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So FreshTM

Revolutionary Facial Cleansing Device with Ion Therapy

Want a deeper “spa-like” clean without the hassle? Get “spa-like” skin anytime and anywhere you want.

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For All Ages + Skin Types
Attachments Included:

  • Silicone Head Silicone Head
  • Bristle Brush Head Bristle Brush Head
  • Metal Ion Therapy Head Metal Ion Therapy Head
Ion therapy + massage

Ion therapy + massage

Customizable for all skin types

Customizable for all skin types

100% Waterproof

100% Waterproof

2 Modes

2 Modes

Guided Timer

Guided Timer

>No More Cords

No More Cords

FDA Certified Silicone

FDA Certified Silicone

All Your Facial Needs In One Device.
Multi-Attachment Functionality

The Silicone Head

The Silicone Head

For a gentle daily clean

Want truly clean, clear skin?

This silicone head is incredibly gentle but deeply cleanses your skin. In fact, it even takes off long-wear makeup better than wipes, without damaging or over stimulating your skin.

The Bristle Brush Head

The Bristle Brush Head

For deep clean + exfoliation

Ready for brighter skin?

Unlike other brush heads, this brush is very soft. It cleanses and exfoliates without leaving your skin feeling raw. Weekly use eliminates dullness and boosts cell turnover for a radiant, even skin tone. Some customers saw visibly smaller pores in a matter of weeks.

The Ion Therapy Head

The Ion Therapy Head

For detox + improved hydration

Ready for healthier, younger looking skin?

Ion therapy can restore your skin from the inside out.

Import mode: When you use the ion process on import mode, it can improve the absorption of creams and serums into the skin.

Clean mode: When you use this head on clean mode, it can detox your skin.

#1 Facial Cleansing Hack of 2021

  • Multi-mode function.
  • Sensitive Surface Technology.
  • Professional Grade Ion Therapy (Cream & Serum Activator).
  • Deep Cleansing Attachments.
  • All Natural Face Regimen (w/ Exclusive creams & Serum).
  • Reverse Skin Aging.
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At Home Spa-Grade Treatment in 3 Steps


Wash face free from makeup and daily grime by using the So Fresh device with the Silicone Head or Bristle Brush Head attachment.


Apply serum, oil or moisturizer on dry skin.


Using circular motions, gently move the SO FRESHTM device with the Ion Therapy Head over your face for up to 8 minutes.

The So FreshTM Making a Buzz

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Ion therapy

What is Ion therapy?

Ion skincare technology uses positively and negatively charged ions to help draw out impurities, create skin balance, and restore moisture.

We think of it as a skin detox.

How does this work?

Notice the metal on the back of the device? By holding the device, it will form a current loop between itself and the human body.

Then it works sort of like a magnet, attracting and bringing out negative charged ions like toxins, grease and dirt deep in pores, improving the skin from the inside out.

So Fresh

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Ask Us Anything

We want you to ask questions.

Can I modify the intensity of the device?

Yes! For each head, you can choose between three different intensities to find the one that’s right for you.

Can I use So Fresh under and around my eyes?

Yes - just delicately massage the undereye area using outward strokes and be sure not to tug or pull at the skin.

Can I use So Fresh during spring and summer seasons?

Yes. It can be used all year round!

Can I use it above my knees for crepey skin?

Yes, the So Fresh device can be used not only on your face but everywhere you have skin.

Can I use the device while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The device is safe to use while pregnant, however while pregnant, the body changes and some women can be more sensitive to it. We do typically recommend consulting with your primary doctor before use if you are pregnant.

Can I use the device with a pacemaker?

We recommend consulting with your doctor before using the device.

Can So Fresh be used on the body?

Absolutely! We like to use it on the neck and chest, and you can also use it anywhere you think needs a little extra love.

Don't let age define your skin